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Every person who registers to become an organ donor can save up to 8 lives, and another 50 lives can be improved through tissue donation.

Aero has a heritage of protecting life both through our pilots who have bravely served to our business roots in supporting organ transplant donations and the doctors that travel with them. The organ donor flights are understandably last minute, day or night, and have become part of the Aero DNA in terms of defining our service to the community as well as our operational readiness. We are honored and passionate when we get the calls to fly for this purpose and proud when we learn about the successful outcomes that result. But, we also have learned that many of the operations fail due to compatibility or other issues. So we know how important it is to ensure that more donations are available and that is where you come in. Please join us in becoming an organ donor. It’s easy and you may save up to 8 lives and give hope to someone’s daughter, father or friend.


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